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Leader Lab 1.0


What are the Terms & Conditions and Cancellations Policy?

You can access our Terms & Conditions here. Our cancellation policy for the Leader Lab is as follows: Up to 4 weeks before the kick-off we'll refund you 100%, 4 to 2 weeks 50%, less than 2 weeks no refund possible. A seat transfer is also possible, please contact:

What is strengths-based leadership?

Strengths-based leadership is the ability to identify and make the best use of your own and your team members' strengths.

It's about you as a leader being self-aware, being real, authentic, being prepared to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, to own those mistakes, to be human and to own that. And it also means being comfortable with the idea that no one will lead like you, stepping into that space with confidence and making the impact that you want to make.

And what we know from the research is that when leaders enable the strengths of their teams, there is a large spike in engagement (Gallup) which is often linked to significant increases in productivity. So the strengths-based approach – managing and leading by focusing on your own and others’ strengths – makes a human difference and a business difference.

What is the CliftonStrengths assessment that's part of the Leader Lab?

The CliftonStrengths assessment is a tool developed by The Gallup Organization based on the theory of Positive Psychology with the aim to build self-awareness and strength.

The test is an online self assessment of 177 questions and takes about 30min. It measures your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving (your so-called talents) -- and categorizes them into the 34 CliftonStrengths themes. After taking the test, you'll have instant access to your reports.


If you like to know more about the CliftonStrengths, follow this link.

What is the time commitment and when are the live sessions?

Your time is valuable and we have tailored the Leader Lab accordingly whilst ensuring high impact. The coaching app provides you with bite-size information, including frameworks and tools, as well as self-reflection so you can immediately apply the learnings. This is designed to fit your current work and personal schedule. The live sessions will give you every two weeks an opportunity to practice, ask questions and share best practices with your peers.

Each week you will:


  • Learn strategies & reflect on your leadership practice: Review a maximum of 30min content with actionable frameworks and examples at your own pace.

  • Deepen your leadership awareness & personalize your approach: Work with your coach 2x 60min. 1:1 coaching sessions - once at the beginning and once after the wrap-up of the Leader Lab to make the most out of your learning experience. You'll schedule the session directly with your coach at your convenience.

  • Practice & discuss in live online sessions: Meet to connect with your peers for the first time at our Kick-Off session on April 12 at 3.30-5pm CET (9.30-11am EDT). Discuss the module learnings, practice with real-life scenarios, ask questions, and participate in breakout discussions with peers and your coaches every four weeks Wednesday (April 26, May 24, June 21) from 2.30-5pm CET (8.30-11am EDT). Bring your own leadership challenges and engage in peer coaching every four weeks Wednesday (May 10, June 7, July 5) 4-5pm CET (10-11am EDT). Finally, join our Wrap-Up session to look back on the journey so far on July 12 at CET (9.30-11am EDT).

  • Apply the concepts: Learn by doing. Apply skills, tools and lab learnings directly to your job.


You’re not taking a class. You’re joining a community. You’ll have continued support in our online community throughout your journey. You’ll join our Leader Lab alumnae community after completing the 3 months. There are no silver bullets or shortcuts. The more you invest in the experience, the better results you will achieve.

Will I be able to expense this at my company?

Many of our participants are able to expense the Lab fee to their company. If you’re interested in having a conversation with your manager or HR, here are some tips to communicate the value of this professional development opportunity:


  • Share the Leader Lab information including what you will learn from the learning experience and how it will benefit you and your company

  • Compare the Leader Lab to other learning opportunities. The return on investment compared to a conference or other leadership programs is much greater. You get structured content, hands-on learning, lasting community, and tangible outcomes


A certificate of completion is available. Contact for questions.

Who is the Leader Lab 1.0 recommended for?

This program is recommended for you if:

  • You’re a new manager or transitioning into a leadership role

  • If you are an experienced manager who would like to level up or refresh their skills

  • You want to lead impactful teams and projects

I can't attend the upcoming Leader Lab? Can I join a future one?

Yes, contact to stay updated on future programs..

Is it possible for my company to offer the Leader Lab directly to its employees?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact to discuss.

How long will I have access to the Leader Lab?

You’ll have lifetime access to the materials to help you successfully lead and influence at work.

I have additional questions!

Happy to answer any questions! Contact us at and we'll get you sorted.

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