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Newsletter #15: Leading high-performing teams

Hi there 👋

Amidst the news of more layoffs, inflation, and war, we have a choice: We can either live in fear or adapt to uncertainty. According to a recent PwC survey, business executives are focusing on two key initiatives (1) Growth and (2) Retaining and developing our talent. Personally, I believe business leaders from this PwC survey have it backward. We should be focusing on:

  1. Developing talent, particularly people managers who lead teams and divisions

  2. Enabling employees to drive real growth

Growth comes when each individual is performing at their best and they are personally and professionally growing as well.

So how do we achieve growth and high performance?

At bestselfy, we’ve been working closely with our customers to tackle just this. We continuously hear that their managers are confused, tired, and feel like so many things are being thrown at them at once. We also know that there is a paradigm shift from people just showing up for work to truly wanting an individualized approach to their work and well-being. We need to equip managers with the tools they need to lead high-performing teams.

Here’s our framework around what a company can do to link it all together:

1️⃣ Goal Setting

If you don’t yet have a structured goal-setting process, start top-down. Use the following and conduct a workshop and use the bestelfy app to help leaders understand how to set SMART goals. Then cascade goal setting to departments and then teams.

Use: Balanced Scored & SMART Goals frameworks

Frequency: 1x Year

2️⃣ Grow Plans

Grow plans are similar to “Individual Development Plan” or IDPs, but differ in that goals of employee towards company goals are also discussed, created, and documented. We also put on elements such as well-being and those 5 pillars to help employees focus on what matters most. We also create individual learning paths aligned with goals to support employees with new skills. Managers receive the insights they need to truly connect and engage with their employees.

Use: Individual employee grow plan template including:

  • Goals of employees & linked to company goals & values

  • Growth commitments & learning path with bestselfy

Frequency: 1x Year

3️⃣ Bi-weekly 1:1s

Of course, Managers need to check in with their direct reports as often as possible focusing and coaching, supporting them through uncertainty and challenges and acknowledging their successes with praise, AND it’s time to implement a structured 1:1 where it’s clear which points will be discussed.

Use: 1:1 structured template that is employee-driven and the Manager uses coaching skills. Structure below 👇

Frequency: Bi-weekly

4️⃣ Performance Check

With a key mix of self-assessment and manager/stakeholder assessment and feedback, together performance is tracked. Use a traffic light system or a 5-point scale.

Use: Review and evaluate Grow Plan via:

  • Employee self-assessment on Grow Plan

  • Manager and/or stakeholder assessment and feedback

Frequency: 2x Year


🎥WATCH (8 min):

Goal setting with employees - 5 important tips you should know!


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7 steps to building a high-performing team


Want more? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation on how you can provide your Managers with the tools they need to fuel their team’s performance.


With hope & certainty,


CEO & Co-Founder



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