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Newsletter #16: Resilient Leadership

Hi there 👋

Uncertainty and change are still dominating our world today. In the workforce, “resilience” has emerged as a core skill one must have. So, what does this mean for those leading teams and managing through the high and low tides of change?

At bestselfy, we’ve been running our hybrid coaching that is both self-driven and we bring people leaders together to practice new tools in short, 60-90 minute Coaching Lab sessions to practice and share among peers.

So, are you ready to dive in and apply the tools to help you become a resilient leader?

TOOL 1️⃣ What can I influence?

Reflect on the past year and the challenging road ahead… hitting goals, becoming a great leader, making targets, inflation, war, pandemic…what do you put into which boxes?

It’s important to know what's in the nothing box! Don't get stuck in there! Help others to move out of their own nothing box. Like you see them getting stuck by gently moving their focus to what it is they could do that would improve their current situation.

Control: How can you approach it? What is your attitude? Can you set boundaries?

Influence: How you engage with others will influence others immensely - what if you shouted at a colleague for not completing their work on time or instead, sat down with them to discuss what would help them? Catch yourself when you are in the nothing box. Notice when others are in it and help them shift their focus by using coaching questions (avoid giving advice, coach them to find their best possible solution by asking questions).

TOOL 2️⃣ How am I feeling?

This really easy and effective tool allows you to check in with yourself both personally and professionally and gauge how you are showing up.

Use this with your team, family, and friends!

TOOL 3️⃣ What am I most proud of as a leader?

Think back to a moment during this past year when you were pushed outside of your comfort zone or overcame a great challenge and you were able to succeed…what was going on, what happened, and how did you persevere?

Taking stock of what’s important in your growth and learning can be a real opportunity for creating greater self-awareness.

What was your proudest moment as a leader this past year? Write this down.

Keep this note within close sight.

Still struggling to find moments of excellence?

TIP: Practice gratefulness: What are you grateful for today?

TOOL 4️⃣ How is my well-being?

Many of us have struggled in the past year with well-being, impacting our performance as we are now more stressed than ever (see State of the Global Workplace, Gallup).

It’s also more about work-life integration now rather than 'balance'. Self-care is a requirement for our long-term performance, motivation, and happiness. Gallup has done years of research into organizations, employee engagement, performance, and personal well-being - and has proven that these factors are very closely linked.

Let’s now do some self-reflection and goal-setting for the next few months.

Read the questions below and score yourself for each element on a scale of

1 (Suffering) to 10 (Thriving).

Write them down in Leadership Canvas (yes, you can jump now to the final tool 😉)

Now, it’s proven that it’s more effective to create short-term goals - next few weeks, max this Q1. Pick the element/s that you scored lowest and find a couple of goals for yourself that are achievable. You may want to do this for all elements after this session. Start with one or two for now.

Example💡 Social well-being: I will have 2x per week a coffee chat with colleagues to check-in.

TOOL 5️⃣ How can I activate my Leadership Canvas? Complete the Leadership Canvas.

Reach out to somebody to become accountability “buddies” for each other. Schedule your next check-in session with each other (🤩remember the power of coaching questions to get the most out of peer coaching!)


🎥WATCH (3 min):

The Heart of Resilient Leadership


📕READ (21 min):

The essence of resilient leadership: Business recovery form COVID-19


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Interested in a free 45-minute consultation with torq?

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In closing, the bestselfy team and I wish you an amazing holiday season filled with celebrating all you’ve accomplished this year 🤩!!! Enjoy these moments to the fullest with family, friends, and colleagues.

With resilience,


CEO & Co-Founder



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