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Newsletter #10: Diversity

Happy Thanksgiving Week 🦃

We at bestselfy are so grateful for you, our community of empowered individuals and employees. Embracing who we are is recognizing that we are all unique and that is something we should celebrate. Take time to thank your colleague for being unique, a specialist, and a superstar in their own way.

Appreciating the specialist in yourself and embracing the unique elements you bring to your team creates a spirit of confidence. It is important to be grateful 🙏 for your unique abilities and to embrace 🤝 the same individuality as your colleagues. Diversity is what makes life interesting - when I jumped from my little sandpit community to study in Washington, DC, I realized how exceptional the world really is because of all of these beautiful souls coming together to learn and grow with each other. My time at university opened my eyes to explore who I am, what I stand for, and to listen, learn and collaborate with others from so many different cultures, races, socio-economic backgrounds coupled with widespread curiosity. We were all there to figure out how we could make our mark in this world. I am thankful that I learned earlier in my life that we are all unique individuals, but together, we are always stronger.

When we embrace diversity we reap the benefits in all our environments. Showing gratitude for your fellow colleagues' uniqueness builds a community of allies. Researchers suggest that we can become better allies and promote inclusion in 10 ways.

10 ways to be a better ally:

  1. Listen

  2. Get educated

  3. Be involved

  4. Speak up

  5. Get uncomfortable

  6. Intervene

  7. Show up

  8. Learn from mistakes

  9. Stay engaged

  10. Own your privilege


McKinsey & Co. reveals in their third report on diversity that the most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.

Want to gain insight on the ways diversity is growing business? Read here.


So how can I show my appreciation for individuality?

Start here:

1) ✉️ Invite 1 or 2 colleagues to join you for lunch or coffee (in-person or virtual!).

2)👂Get to know what they are interested in.

3)💡Learn about what they aspire to do.

4)🗣Share your interests and aspirations.

5) 🤝Commit to sharing opportunities related to each other’s interests when they arise.

Here’s how the bestselfy teams appreciate our diversity:

Connect often - we take time to listen and understand what each other has to say.

Share growth opportunities - we share opportunities related to each other’s interests.


Want to know more on how to show appreciation in the workplace?


Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review👇


Want to know more about how you can embrace diversity?



Reflection Question of the Week 🤔

“How can I be an ally to a teammate?”


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In closing, my one action this week is to try to compliment a colleague (work or non-work related). Sharing gratitude changes our mindset.

With thanks,


CEO & Co-founder



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