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Newsletter #11: The Great Reflection

👋 Hi there, This year has been coined “The Great Resignation”, but I believe it’s been the year of “The Great Reflection”. Employees are not just leaving because they stayed put during 2020, but due to the fact they’ve reflected and decided whatever role, company, manager, team, and/or industry they’ve worked in, just isn’t cutting it anymore. The grass is greener on the other side (not always and we’re going to continue experiencing a massive shift in 2022 and beyond when employees think they found something better but will jump ship at another shiny opportunity). The pressures from the Homefront, caregiving, being online or on the frontlines in the case of healthcare and service workers all the time, and yes, burnout, have resulted in many employees carefully considering what work means to them.

So what can companies and leaders, particularly people managers, do in 2022?

I and my bestselfy team have been speaking with numerous People Leaders and decision-makers to understand what they need to do in 2022. They are not just focusing on backfilling positions, but ringfencing key talent and looking to build a culture of learning and growth. We’ve heard lots about the role of the manager and how they need to support their managers, even more, to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively manage teams for higher engagement, performance, and individual and company growth. They get it is about individual needs coupled with company growth and increasingly we hear, but “how”?

1️⃣ Start with internal reflection

  • What was the most important thing you learned this year? (What was great about it? What was the area of growth? What do you need more of now?)

  • What are you most proud of?

  • What skills have you learned to make you better?

  • What gave you the most energy out of anything you did?

2️⃣ Reflect on data points Look internally and externally at what employees are saying, listen (truly listen without judgment and confirm what one says). We’ve been speaking with lots of managers of teams as well and they also confirm that they need more support from their managers and opportunities to become great managers. We were shocked to find out that 75% of new managers never received any training to learn any core management skills!

There is also a huge perception gap👇

3️⃣ Provide reflection via coaching Build-in daily reflection at work by building in a habit to reflect on questions and then action them while having a morning coffee, during your lunch break, or even winding down before bed. Then, start having more coaching conversations: Instead of simply telling colleagues or direct reports your opinion or what to do, ask them how they see the situation and keep asking them open questions (What, When, with Whom, How, etc.)

Help turn your everyday managers into exceptional coaches for their teams



50 Powerful Questions to Reflect



Learn from LinkedIn Chief People Officer what they did during “career month” (Top Tip: Provide the time to have career talks and explore with your people where they see themselves and which skills could they develop. Find and develop talent from within.)


Reflection Question of the Year 🤔

“What was the most important thing you learned this year?”

(What was great about it? What was the area of growth? What do you need more of now?)


Special Offer for our new “Manager as Coach” module - 50% off of bestselfy until January 15, 2022 🎊

The bestselfy team wishes you a wonderful holiday and an even more exceptional start into 2022! 🌠 In reflection,


CEO & Co-founder



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