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Newsletter #7: Lead Like a Great Coach

Hi there 👋

Summer has finally arrived! 😎 I am grateful to be working remotely from my hometown on Cape Cod, MA after 1+ years of not seeing family and friends. We hope you’re spending days (safely) out and about as restrictions finally start to loosen up! For many of us, this also means going back to the office or starting our new hybrid environment. As this is yet another transition, it’s now more important than ever for managers to learn how to coach teams towards success!

Were you able to spend some time on our reflection question from our last newsletter, “What’s one element of a coaching culture you will commit to today?”

Because – spoiler alert – it's a big topic in our newsletter this week!

Now more than ever, managers need to create small and attainable coaching goals to help their people thrive in the flow of work!


Here are 4 TIPS on how to coach your team to success:

⚽️ Lead like a great coach – great leaders don’t simply direct a team on what to do or how to do it, great leaders also create an environment where employees feel motivated, can openly share highs and lows, learnings, and are valued. The key to great coaching is to be present and ask great questions. Commit to learn coaching techniques to take you and your team farther. Start by zoning in via 1:1 and observation to determine the #1 superpower of each person.

👋 Create engaging team syncs – in our last newsletter we spoke about creating a coaching routine and checking in with each employee weekly. This practice should not only be done individually, but amongst the team as well. Making sure your team has a chance to communicate, ask questions, and bond through experiences (via individual experiences as well as work experiences) is a sure way to create a more highly communicative and motivated team! Start with an “All Share”, a reflection question or ice breaker to connect everyone. One of our favorites at bestselfy is, “If you could have dinner with any inspiring person from past or present, with whom would you have dinner?

🧗🏿‍♀️ Include all employees in workplace challenges – by asking all employees for their insight on an issue, more insight is adopted from all corners of the company on how exactly to deal with the specific challenge – this also helps promote individual value within the company

🎧 Become a strong follower – strong leaders are also strong followers! Strong followers help push forward the rest of the team by cooperating, supporting, and leading themselves – which are all essential ingredients in creating a workplace where individuals feel more valued. Listen more, ask open questions and let others rise up!


Want more on how to shift from manager to coach?

🎥 Check out this TEDx


Reflection Question of the Week 🤔

What is one thing my team needs from me to help them grow?”


Special Offer 🎊

If you are a manager and are looking for more ways to learn how to successfully motivate and coach your team, then you’re in luck!

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All you have to do is hit reply 🙌

Happy Summer! 🏖


CEO & Co-founder



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