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Newsletter #9: Confidence

Hi there 👋

Doubting your skills and yourself? We’ve all been there! Battling with confidence in one’s own abilities can sometimes deter us from our goals. At times like these, you must adapt your mindset, build on your strengths, and harness your motivation. Developing self-confidence has the power to propel us and others around us!

Adapting your mindset is the foundation to becoming a captain of confidence ⚓️.

Researcher and mental health nursing specialist Dr. Abir Bekhet introduced the 8-skills Positive Thinking Skills Scale to identify the risk of clinical depression and the point at which referral, intervention, or treatment should be recommended. This scale has been recycled to measure mindsets and encourage thought adjustments for individuals to lead more positive and purposeful lives.

The 8-skills focuses on your ability to:

  1. Transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

  2. Know how to break a problem into smaller parts to be more manageable.

  3. Highlight positive aspects of a situation.

  4. Interrupt pessimistic thoughts with optimistic thoughts.

  5. Practice positive thinking intentionally.

  6. Initiate optimistic beliefs in difficult situations.

  7. Challenge pessimistic thoughts.

  8. Generate positive feelings.


Indeed conducted research on the importance of confidence in the workplace. It uncovered that 96% of respondents are more likely to stay at a company when they feel confident.

Want to learn more and gain insight on ways to nurture your confidence? Read here.


So how can I build my armor with a core of confidence?

Start here👇

1) Make note of a situation where you felt low confidence.

📝 Example: Being criticized on a task.

2) Reflect on the aspect that made you feel this way.

3) Consider 3 ways you can change that aspect.

4) Commit to those actions to increase your confidence for when you encounter similar situations in the future.

Here are the bestselfy team’s commitment to build team confidence:

Embracing individuality - We will learn about each other’s interests and encourage each other to tap into that skill.

Celebrating achievements - We share accomplishments and acknowledge great work!


Want to know more on how to build confidence in the workplace?


Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review👇


Want to know more about embodying confidence?


How To Be Confident In Any Situation - Charisma on Demand


Reflection Question of the Week 🤔

“How can I translate my confidence to empower others?”


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In closing, my one action this week is to try to compliment a colleague (work or non-work related). Sharing motivation, changes mindset.

With confidence,


CEO & Co-founder



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